In order to make payment for your order as simple and hassle-free as possible, we support multiple different payment methods. You can choose your preferred option at the end of the checkout process. This section outlines the main methods, and provides additional details.

Paying by Credit Card

Please select “Credit Card” during the “Payment Method” step.
We accept the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • AMEX
  • Diners Club
  • Maestro
  • UnionPay
  • Shop Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

You will enter your credit card information during checkout. For all credit card payments, data is exchanged using the 3D Secure 2 authentication procedure. has state-of-the-art server security software with SSL encryption that protects your credit card information from interception and manipulation during the transfer. Your card will be charged upon clicking purchase and you will receive an email with your receipt of payment. Please ensure that your credit limit is sufficient, otherwise your order will not be successful.

These are security procedures specially developed for these credit cards that check whether the legitimate cardholder and the legitimate online merchant are actually participating in a transaction. If a cardholder is registered on the 3-D secure procedure using one of the registration methods, an additional query screen will open after the cardholder enters his/her credit card information. This query screen connects with the cardholder’s bank and asks the cardholder to enter the secure code (a password selected by the cardholder). The transaction can only be completed with the correct password.

If your credit card is not registered for either of these processes, the payment will be processed without further authentication. You can find more information regarding the credit card security procedures at:

Your bike will then be shipped as soon as possible! For shipping information click here.


You can select PayPal as a payment method at the end of the online ordering process. You will then be automatically redirected to the PayPal website to enter your details. The data transfer is SSL-encrypted. You can pay by PayPal for all the products we offer. Please note that we only offer this payment option for PayPal accounts using Euros as currency.

Please ensure that both your PayPal account limit and the credit limit of your PayPal payment method are sufficient, otherwise your order will not be successful.

Prepayment by Bank Deposit 

Available where Direct Bank Transfer by Klarna is not supported.

Please select “Bank Deposit” during the “Payment Method” step and conclude your order.

You will receive our bank details and the order number on our sales confirmation message during check-out process and additionally by e-mail as part of the order confirmation.

Please transfer the entire amount to the specified account upon receipt of the sales confirmation specifying the order number. We will reserve your bike up to 5 business days. After 5 days we will cancel your order and make the product available again on our webshop.

You are responsible for paying any transfer costs and bank charges.

We will ship your order as soon we have received payment in our account.