Want to know what the new Tracer 279 Expert (LINK) is like to ride? Check out the full exclusive first ride review from the team over at Enduro Mag in Germany. They took our Tracer 279 Expert build out for a spin and loved it.

“The weight is evenly distributed between the front and rear and yet the Tracer is keen to go on its rear wheel, encouraging you to pull manuals. Moreover, the Tracer is as quiet as a mouse on the trail, even with all your trail essentials in the storage compartment. The rear suspension is well balanced and supple off the top, generating plenty of traction on daring high-lines and under braking. At the same time, it offers enough support for a rowdy riding style and plenty of pop for jumps.”

“The new Tracer is extremely composed and comes to life at high speeds, encouraging you to keep your fingers off the brakes just a little longer and to shred your way into the valley at mach-10. Nevertheless, the Tracer is also easy to ride in slower and narrow trail sections, where it requires slightly more physical effort due to the heavy weight but is still predictable and easy to ride.”

“The Intense Tracer 279 features several clever and well-thought-out detail solutions such as the storage compartment. The rear suspension combines excellent traction, good support and reserves and delivers a tremendous performance on the trail.”