Peaty's x Chris King Tubeless Valves Pair

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These coloured editions of Peaty's Tubeless Valves are specifically designed to match your favourite Chris King colours, giving you the chance to show your personality in synchronised style.

Peaty’s Tubeless Valves are beautifully engineered and easy-to-use. Equipped with a specialised valve remover cap, they are perfect for riders prizing smooth use and efficiency.

Crafted and constructed with a mind for pro-racing performance, Peaty’s Tubeless Valves were the brainchild of world-class DH rider Steve Peat and are used and endorsed by some of the very best racing teams such as Santa Cruz Syndicate, Hope Factory Racing and Canyon Eisburg. 

Machined from lightweight anodised aluminium with options for 40mm and 60mm stem lengths, Peaty’s Tubeless Valves have been designed to fit a wide range of tubeless rims. A soft rubber base creates an airtight seal on valve holes up to 8mm in diameter and the valve’s ergonomic lock nut secures the stem firmly to the rim.

What makes Peaty’s Tubeless valves a leap above the rest is the integrated valve core remover cap, which makes valve removal and sealant top up a quick and efficient process for you out on the trails or in the workshop.

Peaty’s also offers you a lifetime warranty in the event that a valve breaks, cracks snaps or bends – giving you dedicated protection. In combination with Peaty’s Tubeless Sealant and RimJob Rim Tape, this product ensures you’re always riding at the top of your game.

  1. Remove valve cap, o-ring and lock nut
  2. Insert valve through valve hole in rim
  3. Push the o-ring onto valve stem
  4. Thread the lock nut onto valve stem
  5. Hand tighten lock nut until firm
  6. Screw on valve cap to remove the valve core
  1. Unscrew the valve cap
  2. Slot the valve cap over the valve core
  3. Twist anticlockwise until the core can be pulled out
  4. Repeat in reverse to refit

Hub images for illustrative purposes only. Hub not supplied with valves.