No-brainer added performance

Not only does it mean fewer punctures ruin your day, but it also means you can enjoy increased grip and reduced weight too. Around 95% of Intense customers choose to add tubeless setup on the cart page – here's why.


If you're not up to speed with exactly what a tubeless setup is, it's the process of replacing a traditional inner tube with sealant that creates an airtight seal between tyre and rim. There are loads of benefits to going tubeless, so let's dive right in.

First and foremost, a tubeless setup will virtually eliminate pinch punctures as there's no tube inside the wheel to get caught when the tyre compresses against the rim on a hard hit.

Because of this, there's no need to up the tyre pressure in the name of inner tube preservation meaning you can safely run lower tyre pressures. This will in turn maximise your grip thanks to the tyre being able to deform over the trail's terrain.

Aside from pinch protection, tubeless will also give you an advantage when it comes to thorns, sharp flint or other trail debris that would normally have you reaching for a spare tube. When thorns attack, the sealant in the tyre will rush to fill the cavity, sealing the hole with almost zero air loss.

In fact, in our experience, depending on the location of the puncture as well as the tyre itself, sealant regularly guards against much bigger cuts with even 5-6mm gouges healing without drama.

Finally, the performance-conscious rider can enjoy a lighter setup thanks to the lack of a tube, giving a marginal gain in competition.


Thanks to our friends at Peaty's, we're able to offer Intense Cycles UK customers with a high-performance tubeless setup without any nasties that might harm you or the trails.

That's because all Peaty's product are made with the environment in mind, using natural ingredients where possible and are always biodegradable.

Peaty's tubeless sealant uses an ammonia-free, non-hazardous, latex formula along with BioGlitter platelets that are made from eucalyptus shavings – and look damn cool too.

Peaty's sealant is designed to last up to six months, won't ball up in the tyre and can also be easily washed out with water when it comes to re-sealing your tyres.


When you order your new bike from Intense Cycles UK, we'll tune the suspension to your weight and riding style. Choosing to add tubeless means another thing you don't have to worry about before taking your new bike onto the trails.

To add tubeless setup to your order, simply add your bike to the cart. This will redirect you to the cart page, where you'll see tubeless setup as an add-on option at the top of the page.


With verifiable DH legend Steve Peat at the helm, Peaty's products blend race-ready performance with Steve's passion for safeguarding the trails and environment for future generations.

There's a complete range of cleaning and tubeless setup products on offer including LoamFoam cleaner, degreaser, disc brake cleaner and LinkLube, Peaty's minty-fresh chain lubricant.

You'll find all of these on offer at Peaty's official UK home over at Saddleback.