Keeping your Intense finely tuned will help prolong the life of your bike and improve your ride experience. These are some of the most common tech questions and procedures we're asked about that will help you take care of your bike.

Rear Axle

Intense technical manager Chappy Fiene takes you through the process of removing and reinstalling the rear locking axle on your Intense bike.

Tubeless Conversion

All Intense bikes come with pre-taped tubeless-ready wheels and conversion kits to help you get up and running with tubeless riding. Chappy shows you how.

Cable loop set-up

Ensure your under-bottom-bracket cable set-up is correct and maintained to avoid any cable rubbing issues down the line.

Torque wrench usage

Every Intense bike comes with a torque wrench set. In this video, Chappy shows you how to use your new tool properly to keep your bike in top shape.

DU bushing swap

Avoid lateral movement of the shock on your Intense Sniper with this simple DU bushing swap. Chappy takes you through this five-minute fix.