The Sniper is a ground-up, dedicated, hard pedalling machine available in two different travel models.

The Sniper XC features a 44mm fork offset and 100mm suspension up front and rear. The Sniper Trail boasts 120mm travel front and back with a 51mm fork offset. 

Short travel rigs should descend like their long-travel siblings and that’s what we’ve done. This is no twitchy XC bike: with the 29” wheels and progressive XC/Trail geometry, you get a stable ride that goes where you point it. 

Offered with a standard hardware package as well as a light weight SL package to shave some grams, the Sniper takes XC race and trail riding to the next level.


Longer front-centre per size and specced with a short 50mm stem to offer a comfortable fit with precise steering.

Slack head tube angle coupled with the 44mm offset fork on the 100mm XC Sniper, and 51mm offset on the 120mm Sniper Trail, give the forgiving and confidence-inspiring ride of a big travel bike with the responsiveness of a short travel trail ripper. 

Long wheelbase to provide stability and traction while riding fast and rough sections.

An ideal BB height of 330mm on Sniper and 338mm on the Sniper trail keeps your pedals out of the dirt and while maintaining a low centre of gravity.


Pinkbike's Richard Cunningham took the Sniper out for a spin in the mountains around San Diego – here's what he said...

"The stretched out cockpit, paired with the 50-millimeter stem keeps the front wheel planted and the steering precise while climbing steep pitches. The steering, in general, feels light and responsive...

...Cross-country and trail riding are often measured by the climbing involved, and a good XC bike is supposed to make that job a lot easier. Its 74-degree seat angle feels just right for high tempo climbs...

...So far, I am certain that intense's decision to go with modernized geometry and a slack head angle was a good call. The pluses outweigh the negatives (if there are any negatives). It's the most fun I've had on a 100-millimeter bike in quite a while..."