Pro Ride MTB Coaching

We want you to love every single ride on your Intense and coaching is the perfect way to unlock your potential and get more out of your bike. If you want to develop as rider, who better to be calling the shots than Intense Racing UK team manager, elite racer, MBUK contributor and Pro Ride MTB coach Olly Morris? No-one, that's who!

If you want to embrace the Intense For Life attitude, take a step-up in performance and really see what your bike can do, coaching is the perfect option to improve skills, fitness and speed. As an Intense customer, you can also get 10% off with Pro Ride MTB. 


Olly Morris is an experienced elite DH and enduro racer on our Intense Racing UK MTB team. With over two decades racing bikes and years of coaching experience, he was also the ideal choice for IRUK team manager.

On top of that Olly is co-owner of Pro Ride MTB Coaching and a regular contributor to MBUK. As he’s ridden and raced every Intense bike under the sun, he’s ideally placed to give you coaching that's specific to both you and your bike.

Introducing Pro Ride MTB Coaching

Pro Ride MTB coaching is one of the original mountain biking skills coaching companies. The Pro Ride team established professional MTB coaching in the UK, leading the way with both content and approach.

Hundreds of riders choose Pro Ride MTB coaching each year because of this reputation. Intense Cycles UK is stoked to recommend Olly and the Pro Ride team and we're thrilled to be able to offer Intense customers an exclusive 10% discount on Pro Ride courses.

The Pro Ride MTB coaching ethos

Pro Ride MTB coaching focuses on fun, safety and obviously progression! This is the mantra that comes out of Pro ride MTB coaching from the moment you meet Olly and the team.

The courses are designed and delivered by riders who have been through the learning process themselves. Riders who attend coaching with Pro Ride always say they have actually changed their riding long term for the better – it’s more than just a how-to.

Why do I need coaching?

This is simple – if you’re passionate about developing your riding skills Pro Ride MTB coaching can help. The Pro Ride team loves working with varied abilities to help with your progression and build confidence, whether you're just getting into mountain biking, are returning from a break or are looking to sharpen your racing technique.

Pro Ride MTB coaching courses

There are so many benefits to working with a professional coach but at the heart of it all is the ability to improve your riding skills so you ride with more confidence, efficiency and speed – and have more fun in the process.

Pro Ride MTB courses include:

Progress: Fundamental MTB skills to make riding easy. Something everyone should attend who plans to ride off road. These courses are ideal for those new to mountain biking or if you’re returning to the sport after a long break.

Flow: Generate speed and keep it, this course has a huge focus on cornering efficiency. If you want to go faster for less effort on your Intense, you’ll learn how on this course.

Airtime: Intense bikes were born to grab air, so help your bike find it’s true calling with this course that builds foundations of confidence when the wheels come off the ground.

Tech: This course will teach you when and where to use the right skills in technical terrain like wet roots, riding rock gardens and fresh trails, making the most of your Intense’s geometry and handling capabilities.

Private: One-to-one or small group coaching, bespoke to your needs to really focus on looking at your habits (both good and bad) and changing them. 

Intense Customer Offer

As an Intense customer, you can receive a 10% discount on MTB coaching with Pro Ride. Just get in touch with Pro Ride, quoting your Intense Cycles UK order number.