Ultimate performance – For Racing Only

During the 2000s, the For Racing Only programme represented the pinnacle of mountain bike racing technology. We made these bikes lighter and faster than their production counterparts. Only for race day, they're the best of the best when it really matters.

Now, for 2018, FRO is back and the first model to bear the Intense FRO headbadge is the evolution of the bike that started it all – the M29.

The M29 FRO will have a limited run of 15 bikes, making each owner part of a very exclusive club.


UK customers lucky enough to secure one of the 15 M29 FRO bikes on offer will enjoy an exclusive service that begins at Intense HQ in Temecula, California...
  • Your bike will be assembled at the home of Intense in California by the Intense Factory Race mechanic.

  • Intense founder Jeff Steber himself will personally inspect and sign your bike before it's lovingly boxed and sent on its way.

  • Once your bike arrives in the UK, we'll call you up and arrange a tuning and testing day on the trails, where a World Cup mechanic and suspension-tuning specialist will work with you on your perfect set-up.

  • On the big day, you'll have a chance to ride with one of the Intense Racing UK elite downhillers to give you some insider race tips to ensure you'll get the most out of your new DH machine.

  • We'll also have a videographer/photographer on hand to memorialise the occasion  with your own M29 FRO edit to share with your riding buddies.


The M29 FRO will have a limited run of 15 bikes, making each owner part of a very exclusive club. 


Intense has never been afraid of challenging the industry norms and doing what others daren't. In 2017, Jeff reimagined a design first mooted in 2010 – the DH 29er race bike. 

While the wheel and tyre support wasn't there back then, it certainly is today, meaning stars such as Jack Moir can ride this big-wheeled, big-suspension downhill monster at the world's biggest races – and you can too!

  • A true ground-up 29er downhill race bike
  • Proven at World Cup races under Jack Moir
  • Exact same spec as global Intense Factory Racing team
  • Features the new Rockshox Boxxer 29er-specific fork 
  • Exclusive FRO paint job


The M29 stems from a project Intense founder Jeff Steber started in 2010, when he prototyped a hand-welded 29er downhill machine. The industry wasn't ready for it back then, but the idea never went away and now the world's caught up, Intense is back at the forefront of DH racing tech.

Jack Moir's M29 prototype for Fort William.

Jack Moir's carbon M29 prototype for Cairns.

Racing, we believe, is our true north. It's where our company was born and our brand was built. By using the world's best riders under the fiercest conditions, we are able to develop world-class products.

Going back deeper, the legacy of the 'M' was forged with a For-Race-Only (FRO) mentality and proven track record under the world's fastest racers, and its many evolutions – the iconic M1, M3, M6, M9 and on to the M16 and M29.


Use the button below to order your M29 direct from Intense USA. We'll then be in touch about arranging your exclusive testing and tuning day in the UK!