Intense Racing UK is a downhill and enduro development team focused on giving riders the right equipment, support and expertise to ready them for the global race circuit.

The team was set up as a platform for talented developing riders, giving them the opportunity to get their names out there in the world of pro racing and continue Intense's legacy of backing top riders.

We scoured the UK for riders who we felt captured the spirit of the Intense Racing UK programme; essentially a nice bunch of guys with some serious speed who can shred with the best of them. It didn’t take long – the UK is a melting pot of talented up-and-coming racers.

Thanks to the Intense pedigree, we've been able to create a full professional set-up for our team by partnering with some of the sport's biggest brands. With this collective group of race-proven names lined up behind our own Intense bikes, we knew we had all the ingredients for something special.

As we move into our second season, we can reflect on a hugely successful 2017. You'll be able to follow the team at all the UK's biggest events as well as some international races.


Our five-strong team take on the UK's biggest DH and enduro races as well as jet setting to a packed international calendar of events around the globe including DH World Cup and EWS races.

JoE Breedon


Work hard, visualise and believe in yourself, but most importantly have fun!

AGE 18  

WHERE ARE YOU FROM? From the glorious hills of Mid Wales.  

FIRST BIKE A tiny red Giant Animator – I remember the beast very well. I christened her by riding around the dinner table on Christmas Day many years ago.  

CURRENT BIKES  Intense M16, Tracer and testing big-wheels with the Carbine.

BEST RACE RESULT Tough one... I’ve had a few BDS/National wins, which are always big and hard races to win, but I would probably say my ninth-place finish at the World Championships last year as only a first year Junior has to be the highlight. It was such a mentally and physically challenging week and I was very proud of myself for how well I performed under these pressures. 

WHO’S YOUR RACING HERO There are so many riders I look up to, and many aspects to most riders that I admire. Laurie Greenland has to be one of them – he marks the path I want to follow and he’s an extremely talented rider and just such a genuine and friendly chap.

FAVOURITE PLACE TO RIDE Revolution Bike Park. I grew up riding at Revo and it was what I always looked forward to; five years later and it’s still what I get excited for. It’s amazing, they’re constantly building new tracks/sections so it never gets boring.

GOALS FOR THIS SEASON To have a consistent year, consisting of enjoyment, podiums and winning!  

BEST RIDING SONG I don’t tend to listen to music when I’m riding, but my favourite song when smashing out row sprints in the gym has to be NF ft. Marty – Grindin’. 



When it comes to picking up speed and having the balls to ride stuff really fast, that’s my kind of bag!

AGE 24  


FIRST BIKE Scott 220 hardtail.  

CURRENT BIKE The Tracer frame and the Chris King/Enve setup is unreal.

BEST RACE RESULT European Champion 2010 and podium World Cup positions as a Junior.  

WHO’S YOUR RACING HERO? Cédric Gracia – he’s the man.  

FAVOURITE PLACE TO RIDE Whistler, Italy, Scotland – anywhere the sun is out…

GOALS FOR THIS SEASON Top 40 EWS finishes and top UK and EWS ranking.  

BEST RIDING SONG Kings of Leon – Red Morning Light.



To me, a track has to be a track that you pretty much couldn’t ride it on a trail bike. Andorra, Val di Sole... for me, the faster and the rougher the better

AGE 32  

WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I was born in Oxford and grew up in Northamptonshire. Not many mountains round that way for a DH mountain biker. Now I'm in Bristol – for me this is one of the nicest cities in the UK. It has a good vibe and is close to Wales for decent riding.

FIRST BIKE Univega Ram, then after that I had a Giant ATX 2 in gold – awesome bike for its era.  

CURRENT BIKE The Intense M16 because it is my home. I spend the majority of my life on it!

BEST RACE RESULT 71st at the Mont Saint Anne World Cup. Such an experience to race at such a legendary venue.  

WHO’S YOUR RACING HERO? Tough one really. The important thing for me is the racer stays grounded, as long as they are sociable and open for a chat then they are my hero. Peaty is a prime example of this.  

FAVOURITE PLACE TO RIDE Champery for the track, Leogang for the location. When you go up the gondola at Leogang and look back, the view is amazing…  

GOALS FOR THIS SEASON To build enough UCI points to get back racing World Cups. I currently have 28 and need 40 so am getting closer. Being on the team is really helping that. On top of this, my goal is to help the team perform and enjoy their season. 

BEST RIDING SONG If i am honest, I don’t use music with or for riding. I love music but don’t need it when riding as that’s good enough on its own. Just keep Charlie and Joe’s rap music away from me please. LOL, showing my age maybe.  




I ride to race and that’s what I love doing. I love the adrenaline, the competition and pushing myself.

AGE 41

WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Shrewsbury.  I live in Bristol.

FIRST BIKE BMX Piranha with yellow skyway mag wheels (still got it).  


BEST RACE RESULT Back in the day – National Overall DH Champion Junior 1994; more recently – National DH Champion Masters 2014.  

WHO’S YOUR RACING HERO Old school – John Tomac; new school – Danny Hart.  


GOALS FOR THIS SEASON Podium every race.  

BEST RIDING SONG The Prodigy – Omen.

2018 RACES

Moving into the 2018 season we've continued to build the great momentum we generated in 2017. You'll be able to catch up with the team at these events around the UK:

  • UKGE
  • HSBC British Downhill Series
  • Malvern Classics
  • Tweedlove
  • Ardrock
  • Ardmoor
  • UCI DH Mountain Bike World Cups


So how have we done so far? Pretty damn well, it turns out. In our first season in 2017, we’ve had some incredible results including these highlights…

  • Silver medal at DH world championships Australia
  • Multiple top 10 finishes at DH World Cups
  • Multiple British downhill series wins
  • Multiple British downhill series overall wins
  • British downhill national champion
  • Invitation to Red Bull Hardline
  • Gravity enduro Welsh open champion
  • Multiple Welsh enduro podiums
  • Top-5 at Shimano Tweed Love International enduro
  • 2 nd at Ard Moors enduro
  • Best team at Ard Rock enduro


Thank you to all our sponsors and all the event organisers out there for giving teams and riders the platform to prove themselves. Most of all, thanks to the fans for getting behind our team. #INTENSEFORLIFE