Bike size can be a very personal choice. Gone are the days of choosing the right size for you based on the length of the seat tube. Modern bikes tend to be sized on both the reach of the frame and the height of the seat tube. If you sit slap bang in the middle of a recommended height for a particular size, then happy days – we recommend you go for that size. If you sit at one or other end of the spectrum you may want to consider the impact of riding style on size choice.

Generally speaking, the more aggressive a rider you are (read: likes to go fast) the more we’d suggest you size up rather than down. A longer wheelbase gives more stability and the extra length in the front centre of the bike will give you room to move around. Conversely, if you are more inclined to jump and flick your way down the trail and are less interested in pure speed and you sit right on the boundary of a frame size you may wish to consider sizing down as the shorter wheelbase can give a more playful feel.  

In any case, if you’re not sure on what size to go for, drop our Intense experts a line at or call 01454 550343.