At Intense, nothing gets us as stoked as passing on our love of riding and inspiring others to get out on the trails. If you can set pulses racing and love sharing your passion for Intense then you could be perfect ambassador material!


Since our founder, Jeff Steber, created the first true DH bike in 1993, Intense Cycles has been rooted in racing. Over the years, our ambassadors around the globe have treated fans to spine-tingling displays of racing skill and bravery, inspiring new riders – young and a little older – to test their own metal and feel the unique rush of mountain biking.

It's not all cool bikes and free kit though: ambassadors have serious responsibility. They're the face of our brand, charged with upholding the Intense name and attitude at trail centres around the world and the UK racing circuit.

If you think you'd be a good fit as an Intense Cycles UK ambassador, please fill in the form below.

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