The Primer is our one-bike quiver, 140mm do-everything trail bike. With JS Tuned Trail Link suspension and our Flip Chip geometry, The agile Primer is built for hitting everything from your local trails to long days in the Alps and comes in three wheel size options.

The Primer 29 gives all-out trail-flattening speed with 29" wheels, the Primer 275 goes big on agility for flicking through challenging lines and the Primer S combines a 29er front with 27.5+ rear for maximum grip no matter the trail.


Primer S Expert

TRAIL / 29 & 27.5+ / 140mm

True to the TrailThe 2020 Primer S Expert offers you the superior grip of a 27.5+ rear wheel with the speed and control of 29" wheel up front. The result is an unmatched Trail riding experience with bags of traction and agility, complemented by a great spec offering and top value.



From £59.23 per month, subject to status, conditions apply.

Primer S Pro

TRAIL / 29 & 27.5+ / 140mm

True to the TrailThe 2020 Primer S Pro offers you a high spec level that makes the most of the bike's staggered wheel sizes: the superior grip of a 27.5+ rear wheel with the speed and control of 29" wheel up front. The result is an unmatched Trail riding experience with bags of traction, agility and pace for an unmatched ride experience that'll have you exploring new Trails and carving lines you never thought possible.



From £91.25 per month, subject to status, conditions apply.


True to the trail.

The 2020 Intense Primer brings staggered wheel sizes, adjustable geometry and even better agility to improve on our best-selling one-bike quiver in every way.


When it came to our ground-up redesign, we took everything we learned during the development of the original Primer plus feedback from Intense Factory Racing athletes and decades of bike development expertise from the world’s most passionate bike engineers.

The result is a machine that feels fast, offers great comfort and eats up the trails with ease, on both tough climbs and technical descents. In short, it’s the ultimate all-rounder when it comes to premium mountain biking.


From the outset, we wanted to create the ultimate trail bike, but we were so blown away with the performance of our prototypes that it one thing quickly became clear – by providing riders with different wheel options, the new Primer could be a single-machine trail bike range with something for everyone.

We’ve got three Primer options for you to mull over and despite the different wheels sizes on offer, it was incredibly important to our engineers that each Primer would offer similar performance, so whichever you decide to go for, you’ll get maximum fun and premium performance to explore new trails and tackle new terrain.

Primer 275 – the agility and quick response of 27.5” wheels makes the Primer 275 the ideal for riders who crave control to flick the bike around at speed to push through challenging lines.

Primer 29 – when it comes to speed, the 29” wheels of the Primer 29 offer the perfect combination of pace and smooth rolling no matter the obstacle.

Primer S – first introduced on the Tazer, pairing a 29” front wheel with a 27.5+ rear has proven an innovative option to blend up-front trail flattening speed with responsiveness and awesome grip at the rear.

The Primer 29 and Primer S both have clearance for 27.5+ so versatility is maximised.


The 2020 Primer is the first Intense to utilise our new JS Trail Link, which offers the responsive power delivery of the XC Link found on the Sniper while taking the leverage curve through the mid-end travel of the Enduro Link. The result is a fine balance of pedalling efficiency on the climbs and a plush feel for small bump compliance.

The leverage curve starts off high for a supple beginning stroke that allows the suspension to conform to every contour of the trail, maximising grip. The leverage then ramps up towards the middle to give the feel of a built-in pedalling platform without relying on using shock lockout.


With 140mm at the rear and 150mm up front, the Primer is more aggressive and while its geometry is lower, longer and slacker, it’s also more innovative thanks to our Flip Chip adjustable geometry.

By adjusting the upper link axle bolt, you can quickly change the Primer’s geometry and ride characteristics including head tube and seat tube angle, bottom bracket height and suspension firmness. The 'lower' (called 'UK' during development) position is tailored for smoother, flowy trails and slightly reduces travel while providing firmer rear suspension. Set the Flip Chip to 'low' and the BB height is raised while suppleness at the beginning of the stroke is increased, ideal for rides on rougher, technical terrain.

We’ve also completely reengineered the rear triangle to a dual strut design which minimises flex and maximises power delivery so you get a planted, confidence-inspiring ride.


Great. Better. Best. Through our Expert, Pro and Elite builds, we keep it simple with three performance spec levels, each with consistent component offering including Fox suspension and 170mm cranks that make the Primer perfect for trail riding.

The Primer 275, Primer 29 and Primer S each come in gorgeous new paint schemes that are inspired by motorsport for a high-end look in keeping with racing being at the heart of everything we do.


“The new Primer is awesome. It’s a really good all round bike and it fits the trails I have at home really well. It’s a playful bike and the geometry is perfect for me. It eats bumps well, it handles good, everything hits in the right spots and it’s comfortable to ride. If you’re looking for a 140 to a 150 trail bike then it’s the way to go.”

Aaron Gwin – Intense Factory Racing


  • 150mm up front, 140mm rear suspension
  • Three wheel size options – pick Primer, then pick your wheels
  • JS Trail Link carbon top link – trail-centric leverage curve
  • Flip Chip – tweak your geometry and suspension in seconds
  • Fox suspension – trail-tuned travel across the range
  • Frame-size specific droppers – giving you the best fit in each size
  • Threaded bottom bracket - simple, reliable bearing interface
  • Double rear strut - adds symmetry and stiffens rear end
  • Internally routed cable guides – easy to re-cable and no rattling
  • Thicker frame protectors – down tube, rear seat tube and chainstays


Intense Primer Foundation


FROM £3,699

  • E13 LG1 29" wheels
  • Fox 34, DPX2 shock


Riders who value fast-rolling speed but also demand an agility not usually found on a 29er

Intense Primer Expert


FROM £3,699

  • E13 LG1 27.5" wheels
  • Fox 34, DPX2 shock


Riders who want maximum control and love flicking a bike down challenging lines at speed.

Intense Primer Pro


FROM £3,699

  • E13 LG1 29" front, 27.5+ rear wheels
  • Fox 36, DPX2 shock


Riders who want maximum traction to take on the toughest trails or explore new landscapes.