Intense ACV

The ACV (AIR CUSHIONED VEHICLE) is a specifically designed 27.5+ bike that was created out of a necessity for adventure. A wider 2.8” tire offers ultimate traction climbing or descending any terrain, while the agile geometry and 130mm adjustable travel deliver supreme ride quality. Fluctuating the tire pressure between 12-25 PSI adds another level of ride preference to the ACV. More undampened suspension and sidewall grip at lower PSI allows riders a smooth ascent through the rockiest of trails.

A bike that defies expectations. This is NOT a fat bike, the ACV can climb the most technical trails thanks to impressive grip, quick acceleration and rolling speed. This bike encourages you to ride like a hooligan on descents, allowing you to ride lines that would not be possible on a 'normal' bike.

A rider looking for a bike that rewards exploring the limits, someone who loves a technical challenge and wants to explore the new boundaries that the ACV can take you too.

Pretty much everything! With the exception of deep mud, plus-bikes excel everywhere.

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Intense ACV Mountain Bike - Pro - Intense Cycles UK
Intense ACV Mountain Bike - Pro
ENDURO / 27.5+ / 130mm
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Intense ACV Frame - Intense Cycles UK
Intense ACV Frame
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