Intense Primer Makes Dirt 100 – Video

Intense Primer - Dirt 100

Dirt declares the Primer “the perfect bike for singletrack with a dash of tech”.

Our very own Intense Primer 29er trail bike has made the Dirt 100, a rundown of the very best mountain bike products for 2018.

It’s fair to say that the Primer has won some fans over at Dirt during the testing process:

“We loved the Intense Primer from the first ride onwards. All of us here at Dirt felt the mix of 29" wheels, 130mm of travel and a lightweight carbon frame resulted in a very fast and capable trail bike. A bike that could cover distance with ease, yet feel engaging in tight, twisting and rough terrain.”

Here's Dirt's take on the primer in video form:

Check out Dirt’s full coverage of the Primer in the Dirt 100 or head straight to the Primer collection to check out all the options on offer.